Classes & Speaking Engagements

Gina Rieg with Simplified Wellness for You is available for speaking engagements in addition to the following program series or individual classes and workshops.

Life in the Fast LaneLife in the Fast Lane Image
Who wishes that there were a few more hours in the day?  We could all use a little extra time to get things done at work and home!  Since we cannot warp time, this workshop will teach participants how to increase their productivity each day by fueling their body with the proper nutrients.  Topics include The Problem at Hand, Fueling for Success, Food Preparation, Fast Food Options and Game Planning.  Students will learn how to eat well despite having a busy life!

Please note - This class is a part of the corporate wellness programs that I teach (Fortis Corporate Wellness Program).  However, it is easily taught separately as a single seminar.

Gettin' REAL in the Kitchen & Rediscovering Traditional Food Ways

This series of workshops helps to redefine "healthy food", looking back to food preparation and quality before processed foods became the norm rather than the exception. Focus is on implementing traditional food ways and nutrition concepts that existed before chronic diseases were so prevalent.

Students will leave each workshop inspired and empowered to incorporate these nourishing and delicious food ways into your family’s food lifestyle. The concepts and methods presented support optimal health by addressing various health concerns such as digestive issues and gut health, weight issues, cravings, fatigue, and inflammation – just to name a few. The unique format of providing education and application tools will answer both the “why” and “how” questions and challenges. All classes include lecture, demonstrations/activities, information/recipe packets, and most classes include tasting samples. All classes comply with gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free diets. Now let’s get REAL!

Available Classes

See class descriptions below. Create a series from some or all of these classes. Or you may choose an individual class to be taught in "a la carte" fashion. These classes are perfect for wellness centers and wellness programs, workplaces, gyms, gatherings, book clubs, events, parents meetings, etc. Rates depend on location & group size (minimum of at least 15 students for each class).
Gina Rieg teaching a class on lactofermentation.


Introduction to GAPS

Please note: All classes adhere to no gluten, no grains, no sugar, no dairy, SCD-friendly, Paleo-friendly and GAPS friendly!

Contact me to discuss this program or any of these classes!

Class Descriptions

The REAL Food Scoop - Secrets & Myths

The phrase “REAL Food” is heard often, but what does “REAL Food” actually mean for our lives and better health? Get the scoop on REAL Food. Be empowered to distinguish between “REAL Food” and “edible food-like substances”. Learn how to recognize the pitfalls and myths of mainstream "healthy food". Walk away with confidence on clear next steps that you can work on immediately for your REAL food lifestyle transition. You will leave class with new motivation, empowerment, fresh knowledge and application steps! Information packets are included.

You've Got A Friend In Fats

Picture of fats used in the "Friend in Fats" class.One of the biggest health myths out there is that fats are our enemy. They actually need to be our best friends! However, we do need to know which fats are REALLY our friends! Find out in this class - you may be surprised! Discover which fats are truly the beneficial fats for optimal health and which to avoid. Learn where to find and how to use your friendly fats. Walk away with the tools and the confidence you need to conquer the fat myth for your health! Cooking demonstrations, handouts/recipes AND SAMPLES are all included!

Got a GOOD GUT? Food Probiotics 101

Learn what this talk about probiotics & fermented foods is all about! Did you know that we need a lot of good bacteria for optimal health? Discover the importance of fermented foods and fermented beverages - for you and your family's optimal health! Digestion is the biggest foundation of health! Explore the different types of fermented foods/beverages that are out there. Learn how to incorporate fermented foods into your food lifestyle & how to find good commercial varieties. Take home information packets and enjoy delicious tasting samples too!

Sweet Talk for Your Sweet Tooth

browniesGot a sweet tooth? Regularly craving sweets or do you simply like to indulge? Learn about why we crave and what we can do about it – without deprivation! Sugar-burner or fat-burner, which is best & how do we transition? Discover the traditional sweeteners that are best to use and how to use them! Watch a live demo showing you how to make a scrumptious, quick, NO-GUILT sweet treat. Information packets, recipes and a sweet treat sample are all included!

Drink Up! Wholesome Broths & Stocks

slow cooker broth in jarsEver wonder why Grandma reached for HOMEMADE chicken soup when you were sick? Traditional homemade bone broths and meat stocks are a powerhouse of nutrition and nourishment! In this class, learn about the many health benefits of homemade broths & stocks. Benefits include fighting inflammation and joint pain, improving digestion & immunity and improving bone health – just to name a few! Plus, view a live demonstration showing you how to easily make this low-cost liquid gold and how to make it the most nutritious! Also, discover other creative ways to incorporate gelatin, one of the important components of bone broth, into your food lifestyle. Information/recipe packets, demonstrations and tasting samples are all included!

Condiments, Sauces & Dips - Oh My!

Most commercial condiments, sauces and dips contain non-food STUFF such as hydrogenated fats, unhealthy oils, hidden sugars and preservatives (even some organic versions). In this class, learn how to conquer this section of your refrigerator with much healthier versions! Watch and learn how to make THREE core scrumptious condiments. See how to enjoy them in their basic forms and then how to transform them into creative sauces & dips. Take home a plethora of ideas for your fridge, including ideas for incorporating new spices and herbs. Explore how this will give you A LOT more variety for your meals in an efficient way! (Your loved ones will thank you!) Demonstrations, handouts/recipes and tasting samples are included.

What's For Dinner?

cookingclassDo you find yourself asking one or all of these questions? How can I transition myself and my family to healthier, homemade, REAL foods? How do I get out of this cooking rut? What are some enjoyable and TRULY nourishing staple meals that I can count on? How do I work around the foods/ingredients that I am sensitive to or that contribute to stomach distress? This class is for you. In this class, gain nutritional guidance that eliminates the need to count calories. Build your food relationships and connect food choices with fatigue, cravings, digestive issues, weight concerns and more! Learn to create a nourishing, complete & scrumptiously satisfying meal. Included in this class are a full meal preparation demonstration in REAL TIME, good sized meal samples, recipes and new ideas!

Scrumptious Staple Sides

Tired of the same side dishes? This class will stir things up! Learn how to create several versatile, seasonal side dishes that can accompany any meal and sometimes can be a meal all in itself! Walk away with many ideas of how to efficiently use the side dishes in multiple meals throughout the week. Demonstrations, delicious samples and recipes are included. No gluten, no grains, no sugar, no dairy, SCD-friendly, Paleo-friendly and GAPS friendly!

Homemade Probiotics - Lactofermentation with Veggies & Ginger Ale

Maria - ginger aleHP - FF picklesThis class takes fermented foods a step further – making your own! In this class, learn about how to make lacto-fermented foods and beverages. HOW do we easily incorporate these super foods in our meals? It’s easier than you may think! Boost your immunity, gut health and confidence in this class! The class focuses on LIVE demonstrations showing you step-by-step EXACTLY how to prepare homemade probiotics! This class focuses on fermented vegetables and fermented ginger ale! You will even have a role in one of the preparations! Full demonstrations, recipe packets and tasting samples are all included!

This class can also be done as a MAKE & TAKE class!

This video is an example of what happens in "Homemade Probiotics: Lacto-fermentation with Veggies and Ginger Ale" in a private home MAKE & TAKE class!

Homemade Probiotics 2 - Crazy for Kefir & Kombucha

WHAT exactly are these fermented drinks? WHY and HOW should we make these regularly for our family? Say ADIOS to soda & juice! See LIVE step-by-step demos showing you exactly how to prepare these REAL & LIVE fermented drinks! Receive complete instructions and recipes for your own adventures at home! PLUS, take home a FREE Kombucha starter culture! Information/recipe packets and tasting samples are included.

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