In-Home Personal Cooking Services

Do you need some extra help in the kitchen?

  • Are you frustrated because you aren't eating well but you can't seem to get out of the rut?
  • Do you have a busy time coming up in which you don't want to resort to unhealthy packaged, processed foods?
  • Do you want to implement and work towards Paleo/Primal, SCD or the GAPS diet (a gut-healing program)?  Need to taste and see what GAPS meals are all about?
We are here to help!

In-Home Personal Cooking means that we come to YOUR kitchen and prepare YOUR meals. This could be a weekly or monthly service - or it could even just be a time when you have a hectic week/month and you need some help! (IE new baby, moving, increased family responsibilities). ALL meals are REAL food only from tried-and-trued recipes! Delicious and nutritious!

Services are available for a variety of needs:

  • Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly OR even just on an as-needed basis!
  • Various schedules such as when you know you are going to have a hectic & busy week/month

Here's what my clients have to say about my In-Home Personal Cooking Services:

"Gina's in-home cooking services were a lifesaver during a particularly busy time for my family. Rather than resorting to restaurants and takeout, we made a much wiser decision with our money. We hired Gina to come into our kitchen and stock our freezer with nutrient-dense meals that we could simply thaw, heat, and eat on busy evenings. Gina worked with us to know our food preferences and made sure we would love every dish she made. She left our kitchen clean and our freezer full!" - Mandie B, Columbia MD

Simplified Wellness for You brings the following to your table:

  • REAL food nutrition expertise. (No sugar, no grains, no processed food, no mainstream healthy food myths!) The quality of these meals far surpasses anything that you can obtain in any restaurant or carry-out place.
  • Strict adherence to any individualized dietary needs.
  • Traditional, truly healthy food ingredients (natural fats, organic produce & organic, pastured/grass-fed meats).
  • Experience with planning out meals for optimal efficiency.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Client will provide all needed kitchen equipment (including cooking equipment and cleanup materials)
  • Client will pay for all food (via VISA gift card or local Health Food Store gift card for the ease of purchasing food.  Using ingredients that you already have is also an option.)  
  • Client will sign a waiver.

Additional Details:

IMG_9326_copy2Meals will generally be prepared in large portions to provide multiple meals/portions. If lunch preparation is requested, some lunches could be as simple as fermented vegetables + leftover meat/fish/tuna etc. However, – the planning will be done for you! Homemade fermented vegetables are optional and if requested, take additional time and the last step (putting the finished jars in the refrigerator on a designated day) may be up to you. Due to our individual coaching practice responsibilities, scheduling cooking days as far in advance as possible will ensure optimal success and satisfaction. Simplified Wellness for You agrees to provide at least 2 weeks’ notice of a service change/termination.

How to get started:

Before scheduling the first cooking day, we will schedule a phone consultation to determine your needs. Then, we will both sign a service agreement & take care of the deposit payment for the first cooking day.


  • Total hours billed will include time for meal planning, grocery store shopping time + travel time + cooking/preparing/clean-up/storing of all meals.
  • $49/hr (Vehicle and gas expense are not a client responsibility).
  • As stated above, client is responsible for paying for all food/ingredients.
  • To secure a scheduled cooking day, a signed service agreement and a deposit (for half of the estimated total time) are both required.

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