REAL Food Sources

I personally recommend all of these products & places and I have been to each of the restaurants listed as well!

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Farms producing REAL food

Laurel, MD


Ellicot City, MD
Non-GMO produce (from July to September) and 100% Grass-fed/pastured meat. Sugar-free, Nitrate-free Bacon available

Wagon Wheel Ranch

Mt. Airy, MD
100% Grass-fed/pastured meat

Lovell Grassfed

New Windsor, MD
100% Grass-fed beef - order 1/2 cow or more

Hensing's Hilltop Acres

Dayton, MD
100% Grass-fed beef. Chickens, turkeys and pigs are pastured and given some non-GMO feed. Beef and pork are available in bulk in advance.

Love Dove Farms

Woodbine, MD

Evermore Farms_copy1

Westminster, MD
Grass-fed Meat & Patured Eggs (Delivery Available - See website for delivery area)

Fox Hollow

Gaithersburg MD
Eggs, Pastured meat

Eco Farms - Lanham, MD
Produce for restaurants


Swoope, VA
Pastured eggs, grass-fed meat and pastured poultry (Buying club option available)

Your Family Farmer

Chambersburg, PA
Raw milk, raw cheese, pastured poultry, grass-fed beef, kefir grains, kombucha SCOBY's, pastured pork, garden produce, herbs and more - all delivered to multiple areas of PA

Nutrient-Dense Supplements & Foods

Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil - If you aren't local to me in Howard County, MD, you can easily order the Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil through Radiant Life by clicking on the image here.

Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised Beef Gelatin and Collagen
An excellent source for pastured beef gelatin and collagen in powder form. 

Blue Mountain_copy

Blue Mountain Organics

Nut butters from properly prepared (soaked & dehydrated) nuts.
These folks offer nut butter from properly sourced and prepared nuts!
Great tasting, 100% certified extra virgin olive oils! Paleo compliant and organically certified too!


Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Great tasting, 100% certified extra virgin olive oils! Paleo compliant and organically certified too!


Nutreince Multi Vitamins
A great brand of multi-vitamins available with options to buy in bulk!

Get matched, right now, with the farmers, consumers, buying clubs, farmer's markets, or restaurants that buy and sell the food you care about. 

Restaurants serving REAL food

Founding Farmers - DC

Restaurant Nora - DC

8407 Kitchen Bar - Silver Spring, MD

Woodberry Kitchen - Baltimore, MD

Level - A Small Plates Lounge - Annapolis, MD

Virtue Feed & Grain - Alexandria, VA

Hu Kitchen - New York, NY

Local & REAL Food Companies

Pure Chocolate by Jinji - Baltimore, MD
Delicious chocolates with organic fair-trade chocolate, NO SOY and NO refined sugar!

REAL Health Information


Real Milk

Natural news

Delivery of REAL foods

US Wellness Meats sells quality grassland meat products - Visit us Online!
Nationwide delivery
100% pastured, Grass-fed meat, bones, broths, etc.

real foods_copy1

Relay Foods - DC/MD/VA
Have local and organic foods delivered to your door or your neighborhood.
Click HERE to get $30 off your first order of $50 or more!
(Relay Foods also carries conventionally grown food so be sure search for organic!)

Washington’s Green Grocer - DC/MD/VA
Organic Produce, Grass-fed meat and pastured chicken (Delivery through buying club)

Evermore Farm - Westminster, MD (See info under Farms producing REAL food)

Excaliber Food Dehydrator



Make-up and Self-Care Products

primal life organics logo_0

Primal Life Organics - Very clean, non-toxic self-care products such as deodorant, shampoo and makeup


Fat Face Skincare- Super clean, non-toxic self-care products made with 100% grass-fed tallow! Deodorants, face creams and more!

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